Thursday, 25 August 2011

Update status motor sekarang

Aku masih lagi pakai Honda CBR150R.
Full review motor ni update nanti.

- mileage: 48776km (2 tahun 3 bulan)
- semua part original, kecuali mentol lampu dan tayar je..dan plug ler sekali
- setting tayar: 90/80/17 michelin depan, 120/70/17 duro street belakang
   boleh maintain 140km/j pada rpm 10,000. standard 130km/j pada rpm 10,000.
- tayar baru tukar 3 minggu..dekat RM300 gak. tayar sebelum ni brand sama, pakai sampai botak dan sampai pancit.
- ekzos masih standard, muffler da berkarat bahagian dalam n hujung depan sejak minyak overflow keluar kat depan (jatuh tahun 2009).
- sproket dan rantai dah tukar balik ke original. harga memang keras..RM324 tak termasuk upah
 - air filter dah tukar 2 kali (2nd time dah jauh exceed 36,000km)..harga makin naik..dulu 70+, skang RM89.10
- fairing depan dah tukar 2 set akibat gegaran yg biasa. kat ekor belakang ok plak. tak puas hati fairing depan kanan dah patah..murahan punya plastik..
- tangki reserve coolant pun dah patah sekali. tukar RM56. terkejut gak tengok coolant menitik

selain wear and tear biasa, enjin memang takde masalah. aku maintain pakai motul5100 ester. ada sekali je stok takde, aku pakai hi-rev recommended by pomen 4s, hampeh. seminggu je tukar balik motul5100. aku bukan kisah mahal ke tak, yg penting performance. castrol ke, shell ke tak main..murahan

hari2 bantai 140km/j di 3 tempat: amj ke rembia, lepas cheng height, highway tepi pantai.
pegi kl ulang alik keje outstation pun ok je. tak kira di mana saja kat highway, 140km/j minimum, walaupun moto cc besar n gemok tak lepas nak potong kete kat depan. kuda kepang ni memang bagus utk menyelit. fuel consumption belakang kira.

Jangan hairan dengar 140km/j motor..standard ralat speedometer motor ni 1.183. Kiranya 18% tak accurate. 140/1.183 = 118~120km/j kelajuan sebenar. tapi polis tak kira kelajuan sebenar ni, depa kira ikut standard 10% error international. oleh kerana kereta ada standard error 110% + 6km/ aku ni kiranya bawak macam 130km/j kereta la..tak laju pun..

aku yakin selagi moto spec standard, cdi pun standard, coil pun enjin takkan ada masalah punya. takde la aku nak hadapi problem manifold tercabut tgh2 highway ke.

aku memang sayang cbr ni. kalau boleh taknak letgo kat kedai n biar ahli keluarga aku je yg pakai..tapi takde sapa nak bayar cash kat aku dalam masa terdekat...huhu

nanti update gambar ride solo tahun 2010: koyan - ringlet - melaka. 2009 cuma ada log je: melaka - kuala terengganu.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ramadhan karim

Recently I received an sms from a French manager, who, after 1 year at Malaysia, has just returned back to Paris. I thought he is non-muslim, but after he said "Ramadhan karim"..oh i have misjudged him. He looks arabic with european mix.

This year Ramadhan start with high hopes of achieving so and so level of amal..but now after 15 days, i know i blew it already, just like last year, and the year before and before..

Life is full of hopes, but even false hopes makes us strive for it. Most of us humans have learnt this way. I've just remebered from "Aap Betti", on the life of Maulana Zakariyya rah.a, that:
i) don't get too happy for something that will happen in the future / just around the corner
ii) don't get too sad with what's left behind
Because all of this is takdir. we can strive what we have now, and what will happen, the result is with Allah.
Our plan to move house before raya is postponed with delay from developer, my own plan of buying >500cc bike also burnt (will tell later)..and so on. My Ramadhan also is in jeopardy right now.
But we humans, still have hopes, and effort..lest we forget

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My ride

Yeah, back to main point of this most people like to share their interest, mine is in riding on 2 wheels @ motorbike.

When i think of it, i just don't know where it start or when. And how i am going to start..maybe like this:

"bapak, nak basikal buat pergi sekolah.."
"tak boleh, bahaya banyak kereta kat jalan tu...bla..bla..nanti kawan dengan budak basikal kat simpang tu..bla bla..NO.."

"mak, nak basikal..penat la jalan kaki hari2 pergi sekolah agama (dekat setengah kilometer). kalau bapak takde, kena jalan kaki pergi sekolah kebangsaan 1 kilo..huhu"
"oklah, nanti balik sekolah agama adalah basikal tu"

sampai habis UPSR pun tak dapat basikal..huhu..adalah hikmah disebaliknya..
when i think back about it, now  i like to ride bike, but not bicycle, and i like fast, not slowmotion, and i like SOLO, not in group..that's what makes me.
to be continued (TBC)

4 years already?

Life goes on, but you should never miss the details of how it goes on..
Pejam celik pejam celik, dah 4 tahun dah hari yang sangat indah itu udah berlalu..surely my wedding day to a beloved woman, now dearly a loving mother of 2..

When i look back at my notes all the way back to 2003, and back to year 2000..feels like just yesterday.
Like what Isa a.s. said to his disciples, life is just 3 days: yesterday that has begone, tomorrow which is unexpected, and today that you have and you strive for it.

Anyway..may our love stand strong, not until death do as apart..but until we are clearly safe from Jahannam, and safely waiting in Jannah. amiin.

For anyone reading this, the truth is love is just not enough, if not attached with Iman (faith) and Deen (way of life according to Sunnah).

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

There and back again

LIfe cycle as an auditor (big 4) always have those peak, super peak, then those training and lazy time to hang around. It's good to travel out of office to see different people, but when the times come to wrap up everything. you'll be stuck in your cubicle desperately trying to catch up deadline.

Here, i'm back again at the same work cycle. But worse. Dah habis local area, seconded, follow up, assigned yg baru lagi local area.

Blog ni dibuat dengan alasan utamanya nak cerita pasal motor2 dan perjalanan2 yg pernah kutempuh. Entah bila nak start..wrong timing.

"Membina kehidupan akhirat"

I've just came back from usual 3 days khuruj..just similar to any other 3 days i spent in masjid/surau. While i'm still trying to understand what is required or expected from me, going out this time give me some important thought to is:
"membina kehidupan akhirat"

while all these while, i was always told that the purpose of going out is to amend yourself, or "islah diri"..then after all these years..i think i'm not being islah yet. and in my opinion, so those others who find themselves are not changed at all, except for those appearance..yes, it is impossible to amend your characteristics or bad habits.

but the new purpose - building your life in is impossible to compare the results, or seems you cannot asses it at all, unless you are already in the grave..thus it give me the passion that i will always try to achieve..and endless effort, till death arrives and shows me is it a rest for me, or the beginning of bad results..

so, every second counts..because i'm already building a place in hereafter, or demolishing it, bit by bit until nothing left..

Restarted again..

I've read many people's blog, and i thought it is quite interesting and sometime amusing to see how people express their ideas and share their feelings. Well, my first jump on the blogs is for information only, then, when i have something to shout, or express something to the wall, friendster comes as a good idea, later changing the trend to facebook.

But facebook is becoming too crowded, with too many people doing comments unnoticed, sometimes exaggerated, not to add privacy i'm reverting to blog at last. once posted, it will stay  there, n easy for reference too. i don't think it's my style to share everything on the open space (although it depends on how people find you on the net), but a collection of my thinking, at a certain time, at a certain condition during my life, is a good idea to recollect things later. Yeah..human is always forgetful, rather to keep diaries in physical form, it is easier to use/recall the diaries wherever you go, being online.

Being online is a certain obsession sometimes, starting from a need to be online for a certain online games. but now it is becoming a cheaper means to get connected to people around you, rather than to call everybody and saying hi, less meeting and having eye-to-eye meeting. yes, we are becoming more lazy nowadays..